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Responsibly and ethically bred Aussiedoodles

Wagging Tails Farm is dedicated to responsibly, ethically, breeding Aussiedoodles for loving families homes. Located just east of Georgetown on a nice open ranch, only minutes from Austin, we are in the perfect location to serve families looking for beautiful Aussiedoodles in the central Texas area.


What are Aussiedoodles?

Aussiedoodles are a highly intelligent mixed breed of an Australian Shepherd and Poodle. The female is usually Australian Shepherd while the male is usually a mini or standard poodle. Aussiedoodles are very playful, energetic, loyal, and make for good family dogs; given that they receive enough attention and care. 

Aussiedoodles make great therapy dogs and bond to their owner extremely well! For more amazing information about this insanely cute breed of puppies, I suggest you read this article about Aussiedoodles.

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Wagging Tails Farm was created by Jarod and Rebekah Demastus out of their love for Australian Shepherds. Our goal is to provide loving families with beautiful, healthy, well-socialized, Aussiedoodles with loving temperaments. Our first litter of Aussiedoodles was born in early 2019.


Jarod has over 14 years of experience caring for, training, and loving puppies from birth to the time they go to their new homes. Jarod grew up raising puppies with his mom on their family ranch since he was 10 years old. During that time, he learned that raising a puppy is a delicate art with distinct training stages and techniques to raise the best possible pups. Each puppy must be given individual attention and love from birth to ensure the puppy will have a good attitude and loving temperament.

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